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System Solutions for Hazardous & Safe Area Locations

When it comes to optimizing efficiency, we can customize machinery and equipment to your specifications, whether your application is related to Offshore Oil & Gas, Marine Vessels, Oil Field, Water Processing, Refinery, Gas Production, Medical, Food Processing or Chemical.

IECUS Solutions provides global custom control panel designs.  You name it – IECUS can design & assemble it!

We have the versatility to meet major certifications, directives and standards through established global manufacturing partnerships and are recognized as a Factory Authorized Assembly Partner – whereby we are authorized to produce solutions to our partners’ international factory standards. This enables customers to perform Factory Assembly Testing in our US-based facility.

We’ve built our reputation on:

  • Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations
  • Building assembled solutions to meet the most demanding environmental conditions
  • Providing professional advice on complex electrical designs
  • Sourcing high-quality components to assemble custom control panels
  • Earning credibility with major manufacturers: Bartec, Cortem, Appleton-Emerson, Schneider, Siemens, ABB to name a few
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At IECUS Solutions, our Ex design expertise allows us to define, design and assemble completely certified custom system solutions for all types of explosive atmospheres in the most extreme environments of the world. Our systems and products are assembled to the highest standards using our internationally approved Quality Management System.

The availability of various system certificates allows our Engineering team the flexibility to design the system solutions with not just one method of protection but with the use of any the following methods:

ZONE 0, 1, 2

  • Pressurized Enclosure
  • Intrinsic Safety
  • Flameproof Enclosure
  • Increased Safety
  • Non-Arcing
  • Hermetically Sealed
  • Encapsulation
  • Optical Radiation
  • Powder-Filled

Our goal at IECUS is to meet or exceed your project requirements. The Sales and Engineering teams are here to assist you through your system solution design and build a trusting partnership with your organization/company.

Application & Industry Types:

  • PLC, Data Acquisition Control Systems
  • Pump Control Panels
  • Offshore Control Panels
  • Process Heater Control Panels
  • Motor Control Panels
  • Power Distribution Panels
  • Variable Frequency Drive Control Panels
  • HMI Control Panels & Consoles
  • DCS Panels
  • Industrial Process Control Panels
  • Food Processing Control Panels
  • Crane Electrical Control Panels
  • HVAC Fan and Pump Control Panels
  • Conveyor System Panels
  • Utility & Gas Control Panels
  • Material Handling & Electrical Control Panels
  • Turbine Control Panels
  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Control Systems
  • Government/Military Electrical Control Systems

Custom Control Panel Features

  1. Design Experts
    Whether your project is large or small, our experienced Engineering team will work with you to design a solution to meet or exceed your needs.
  2. Built from In-stock/local Components
    This stock allows us to deliver quickly on orders.
  3. Industry Leading Turnaround
    Most custom panels ship within 5 to 8 business weeks after drawing approval thanks to our experienced Engineering team, Production Technicians, in-house CNC machine and in-stock/local stock of components.
  4. Panels Inspected for Quality
    Our Quality Assurance team completes a point-point and power up test on all panels prior to shipment. We also extend a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on parts and components.
  5. Panel Drawings
    All panels are delivered with detailed as-built drawings including GA, BOM and wiring schematics.

Explosion-Protection System Solutions & Components for Hazardous & Safe Area Locations

Explosion-Protection System
Purged & Pressurized Solutions
Power Distribution Panels

The Versatility to Meet Major Certifications & Standards

The certifications and standards to which we build include:

Additionally, our System Solutions for use in Marine Vessel applications comply with ABS and DNV standards.

To understand the advantages of our custom-configured System Solutions that meet the most rigorous industry standards and legal requirements…


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