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IEC Compliant

Keeping you IEC Compliant when lives depend on it.

Even if your project seems impossible, IECus’s experienced engineering will provide an innovative competitive design to meet or exceed your precise application requirements.
When you need to prove compliance we have the right tools for you.
Safety, efficiency, environmental regulations and more – your products increasingly need to comply and you need to provide the proof that they do.

IEC US  has the consultants, tools and systems in place that help you provide conformity.

What is conformity?

Conformity refers to any activity that helps determine if a product, system or service corresponds to the requirements that are contained in a specification.  A specification, often a standard, is a technical description of the characteristics that need to be fulfilled. The activity itself can be executed by an individual, a company or a test laboratory.

The need for conformity is often directly related to the impact of nonconformity. The more severe the consequences, the more likely it is that society requires proof that a product or system performs as it should.

Conformity provides insights into:

  • The safety, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of a product
  • Whether a product fits and operates correctly with other products
  • The product’s effect upon the environment (pollution, noise)
  • The economic use of materials and energy


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